For a long time, we have searched for perfection. In our facade, how we want others to see us, in our life, on social media, in all the things we want to own. Somehow, we got tired of striving for something that don’t excist. We started to search for what’s authenitc, geniune. To the things that speaks to our heart, the perfection in the imperfect. We wanted to be surrounded by things with personality, maybe skewed and queer. Just like we humans are.

It gives a good feeling to have things that are made by human hands. Things made with love and passion. It reaches to something deeper inside us. It speaks to our soul and brings calmness.

Charlotte started with ceramics in 2007. Ceramics have been an important part of her life since then. She uses the potters wheel, but her real passion is in the sculpture art. The ceramic world is an exciting universe. There are always new things to learn. Starting with a lump og clay, and watching it become a wonderful piece of art is a fantastic and meditaitve jurney.

The process is very long. The creation, drying process, first burn, glazing, second burn, and everything between.

Most of the art created by Charlotte have a story. You are welcome to look closer in to the objects, read about them and ask questions if you have. A coversation about art is always welcome.